Electric horizontal arm

The complete water cooling copper-steel compound electric horizontal arm has good property, reasonable structure, low failure rate and easy maintenance to reduce the power compensation and increase the productivity.


Tip holder

It is made of chromium-bronze with good property. It will be forged and machined with water cooling to increase the conductivity and working life against arcing.


Electrode clamp

cooling types. It will be made of non-magnetic stainless steel. The isolation area will be coated with ceramic powder under the advanced international processing. It has the reliable performance and long working life to be applied for LF and Arc furnaces.There are two kinds of electrode clamps, such as water cooling or non-wate

Water cooling cable

It is made of high quality oxygen-free copper wire and extruded to connector with good electric conductivity and mechanical strength. As the bending ratio will be small, the arrangement will be compact. As its out lay will be made of flame retardant rubber, it has a long working life.


Soft compensator

It will be made of high quality copper by reliable processing to get excellent performance.


Forged copper shoe

The shoe will be made of forged cooper T2, machined and heat treated. It will be without any air holes, or slag. It has good electricity and cooling to increase the working life more than 2 times of normally shoe.



Electric horizontal arm

Tip holde、Electrode clamp

the batten of Water cooling cable

The Ladle Car

                   The Ladle Hanging                                            Hot charging plug rod                                The Carbon Oxygen Lance
                    The  Oxygen Lance                                              The Ladle Roaster                                             The Ladle Roaster