Dust collection system

For steel plant:

In steel making enterprises, the flue gas from arc furnace is one of the main source of pollution, as the exhausting volume is large, the temperature of flue gas is high and it is fine ash powder with hydrophilic property. It is difficult to collect and filter. Along with the development of process in steel and iron industry with ultra high power, strengthening melting and molten iron, and the environment protection, the flue gas filtering is the key section in steelmaking workshop. According to your workshop layout and local gas exhausting code, you can select our different type of dust collection system, such as “sealed cover/ roof cover” + the fourth flue gas outlet hole + cooler + separately chamber back blowing bag type filter or pulse bag type filter.       


For submerged arc furnace

During the alloy melting process in submerged arc furnaces, there is large volume of flue gas with high temperature. Also, the composition of flue gas is very complex. Considering the chemical and physical properties of flue gas, you can select the best one for your project. In recent years, the LCM long bag type pulse filter has been wide applied for submerged arc furnaces. It can be also used for    calcium carbide furnace, boiler, limestone kiln, metal mixer and asphalt mixing station to meet the requirement of national emission standard.


For raw material and crashing workshops:

The raw material for melting should be crashed, screening and transporting to the furnace. During these productions, certain dust will be caused. In the products workshop, there is same problem of dust from crashing and screening. For example, the particles of titanium ore and slag are very fine, it is easy to make the pollution in the workshop and harm to workers.

The dust collection system for raw material and crashing workshop, it will be including cover, tube, filter, blower and ash vessel, etc. The processing as follows:

The ash powder will be collected and treated.
The clean gas will be emitted to atmosphere.
The fume will be separated.
The fume will flow to the filter by the action of blower.
Fume cover will be collected the dust from operation



The Negative Pressure Dust Collection System For Titaniun Slag SAF

Air Cooler System

SAF-Air Cooler System

25500KVA 30000KVA Ferrosilicon Furnace Dust Collection System

the pipeline of Dust Collection System
Semi-closed Dust Collection System
for EAF
30000KVA Ferrosilicon Furnace Dust Collection System
30000KVA SiMn-SAF
Dust Collection System
Dust Removal system for 
12500KVA SAF
The Positive Pressure
Dust Collection System