HX Steelmaking Electric Arc Furnace


The equipment is mainly used for producing all kinds of steel castings or steel ingots. The raw material can be full steel scrap in cold state, partial steel scrap and hot metal charging.


Features of the equipment:

HX series three-phase steelmaking EAF has different power levels and structural types such as regular power and high power.


It consists of:

Transformer, Network, Electrode lifting and lowering  devices, Electrode cross arm, Furnace lid, Furnace lid lifting and lowering device, Furnace body, Furnace tilting device, Steel ladle, Tapping vehicle, Cooling water system, Compressed air system, Hydraulic system, Charging system, High-voltage power supply system, Low-voltage electrical control system, base-level automation and computer control system, etc.




25t HX-Electric Arc Furnace

The trapping precess of 20t -HX-Electric Arc Furnace

HX-typed-Steelmaking EAF) HX-15t EAF




Technical parameters for HX - Steelmaking EAF


Furnace shell inner diameter


transformer parameters Graphite electrode diameter


rated capacity

HX-30 1600 0.5/1.5 0.63 150
HX-60 2100 1.5/2.5 1.25 200
HX-70 2600 3/5 2.2 250
HX-80 3200 5/8 3.2 300
HX-100 3500 10/15 5-6.3 350
HX-120 3800 15/20 6.3-8 350
HX-150 4000/4200 20/25 8-12.5 400