Intermediate frequency induction furnaces


Intermediate frequency induction furnaces can melt various of ferrimagnetic materials by the way of electromagnetic induction from electric power to create inductive loop and heating. The electric power will be from 200 – 2500Hz for melting and temperature keeping.


Intermediate frequency induction furnaces will be wide applied for carbon, alloy and special steel, and copper or aluminum, nonferrous metal melting. It has many advantages such as light weight, high efficiency, lower power consumption, melting temperature fast rising and easy temperature control.Intermediate frequency induction furnaces will be the main equipment for foundry and heat treatment workshop. Its stability, reliability and safety will be suitable for continuously casting, forging and heat treatment lines. Along with technical progress, more advanced and more ideal method for heating industry will be invented certainly, such as pre-heating for forging, milling, bending, quenching and welding.