Submerged Arc Furnace for Ferro-Alloy


Submerged arc furnace will be mainly applied for reduction of metallurgical ore to produce the FeSi, FeMg, FeCr, Ferrotungsten, SiMg and Titanium slag alloy, which will be the important material for metallurgical and chemical industries.

Features of the equipment:

For submerged arc furnaces, the lining will be made of carbon or magnesia refractory material. The electrode is s elf-baking. The electrode will be inserted into the charging material.

The material will be molten by arc and current. The charging material will be continuously adding. The tapping will be batch type. It is a continuously operation industry furnace.

Main equipment for large current system of submerged arc furnaces

1.Combined electrode clamper
2.Clamper, pressure ring type with expansion pipe 
3.Pipe type network
4.Furnace transformer

Combined electrode clamper

The combined electrode clamper is a device with new technology to put the pressing and releasing in one part. Compared with the traditional electrode clamper, it will be more simple and suitable for different size of electrodes. As the revolution of electrode shell rib structure, the current on the electrode sections will be distributed more equally to speed up the baking of electrode against the failure of electrode. Meanwhile, as the rib is the conductor, the current will go to the core of electrode by the rib directly. The traditional clamper will conduct the power from surface to the core of electrode. As the conduction principle is not same, it will protect the electrode from sparking to increase the furnace starting rate. The working life of combined clamper will be longer. It can be repaired to be reused again to reduce the production cost. Compared with copper shoes, it has more advantages on reliable operation and high efficiency.

Clamper, pressure ring type with expansion pipe

The character of pressure ring type clamper will be with the expansion pipe to press the copper shoes. It will consist of water cooling protector, pressure ring and expansion pipe. The expansion pipe will press the forged copper shoe one by one to keep the force to shoes evenly. It will be easy to adjust the pressing force to the electrode from copper shoes. The advantages of this kind of clamper are easy automatically pressing or releasing and adjusting with stable pressure.

Pipe type network:

The pipe type network will consist of copper pipes and water cooling cables. The whole system will be cooled by soft water. This kind of network will be reliable with high current carrying capacity, good electrical performance, light and lower investment. Meanwhile, it can match with the new type electrode clamping system. The outlet of transformer will connect to the electric part one to one. It is a new and operative technology.

Furnace transformer

The furnace transformer will be computer optimization design. It will have high mechanical strength and lower consumption by new technology, material and manufacturing procedure. High quality permeability silicon steel sheet and oxygen-free copper electromagnetic wire will be applied for the furnace transformer. It will have good dynamic thermal stability by optimizing magnetic balance technology. All of fittings are with locking nut. It will be not necessary to lift the coil on site. The oil tank will be completely sealed for anti aging oil and leakage.

The product development:

Submerged arc furnace will tend to bigger, automatically, sealed, environmental protection and energy saving. We have the ability to designing, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of submerged arc furnaces, up to 33000KVA for FeMn , FeSi and FeCr alloy; refining furnaces from 3500KVA to 9000KVA; DC furnace 7000KVA; Industry FeSi furnace 25000KVA; Calcium carbide furnace 45000KVA and FeSiAl furnace 36000KVA. The equipment has already approached to the level of international. We have received praise from our clients.


The Submerged Arc Furnace Electric Net work


Submerged Arc Furnace Tapping System


33000KVA 75FeSi Submerged Arc Furnace


FeSi  Submerged Arc Furnace Ramming Furnace


Feeding system of Semi-closed Submerged Arc Furnace


25500KVA Ferrosilicon Furnace 



33000KVA 75FeSi
Submerged Arc Furnace
30000KVA FeCr-Submerged Arc Furnace Tapping System 25500KVA Fe-Ni
Submerged Arc Furnace
22500KVA 75FeSi
Submerged Arc Furnace
SAF rotating mechanism SAF Tapping System