Ultra-High Power Electric Arc Furnace


For smelting carbon steel, high quality carbon steel and various alloy steel. It applies to all steel scrap, hot metal crap, pelletizing and preheating steel scrap, hot briquetted iron and sponge iron, etc.


Features of the equipment:

Series reactor in main loop improves the system impedance and achieves secondary high-voltage, long-arc and low-current operation with stable arc and high arc power. On-load tap changer is adopted during the operation of the EAF, which comprises left or right operation, rotating lid, top charging and eccentric bottom tapping. The furnace body is of frame-type full water-cooling structure, with detachable upper and lower furnace shells, concentric circular tubular furnace cover in the water-cooling structure, Oxygen lance at the furnace door and burner on the furnace wall. The proportional valve controls electrode lifting, rotation of furnace cover and furnace tilting. There are a whole set of PLC, and computer control system and computer screen monitoring system.

It consists of: Furnace body, furnace tilting mechanism, electrode lifting mechanism, furnace cover lifting and revolving mechanism, cooling water and its display & alarm mechanism, hydraulic unit, compressed air system, charging system, high-pressure switching system, transformer, series reactor, low-voltage power supply system, computer control system and screen monitoring system.

Technical parameters


Furnace shell inner diameter

Capacity(T) Transformer parameters Electric reator copacity
Graphite electrode diameter

Rated capacity

HX-30 4600/4800 30/45 25-32 7000 450
HX-60 5400 60/70 45-55 9000-11000 500
HX-70 5600 70/80 55-65 11000-13000 500
HX-80 5800 75/85 60-70 12000-14000 500-550
HX-100 6200 100/120 75-85 15000-17000 550-600
HX-120 6400 120/140 90-110 18000-22000 600-650
HX-150 6800 120/170 120-130 24000-25000 650

40t-Ultra-High Power Electric Arc Furnace

50t -Ultra-High-Power Electric Arc Furnace

The water cooled furnace body of
80t-Ultra-High Power EAF

100t-Ultra-High Power
Elecrtric Arc Furnace