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IKA COMPANY Conducted A Inspection Of The Goods Xi'an Tengye Exported


The 25500KVA FeSi submerged arc furnace equipments exported to Iran from XI'AN TENGYE METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING CO.,LTD will be delivered in April 2019. Recently, the international inspection company IKA COMPANY conducted a batch inspection of the goods we exported.

Strict verification of the processing technology, dimensional accuracy, mechanical properties, and export packaging standards of the goods was carried out.

Xi'an Tengye Metallurgical Engineering Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of EPC project in the metallurgical engineering sector of China, specialized in the metallurgical equipment designing, technology R&D, manufacturing, installation and commissioning. Our main products include Electric  Arc Furnace(EAF), Ladle Refining Furnace(LF), VD/VOD Vacuum Refining Furnace, Submerged Arc Furnaces, constituous casting machine(CCM) and rolling mill. Other products such as auxiliary equipment and spare parts are also available based on customer needs.

Tengye believes that the core of an engineering project is process control, and only a strict process control system can make a finished product reach the standard.