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Tengye team and Iranian ferrosilicon Furnace Company discussed 12500KVA ferrosilicon furnace project

 On July 19, 2019, Lunake and other three people from the Iranian ferrosilicon furnace company discussed the details of the 12500KVA ferrosilicon furnace project with the Tengye team.


 The two parties gathered at the meeting room of Xi'an Tengye Company at 10:00 in the morning to conduct detailed design review before the delivery of the equipment. During the meeting, the Tengye team first welcomed the Iranian guests from afar and expressed their wish to successfully complete the project.

 The Tengye team introduced the details of the drawings to the customer for the 12500KVA Submerged Arc Furnace system (Ferrosilicon), including the batching system, the discharging system, the hydraulic system, the electrode system, the automatic control system, the tapping system, the big current system, etc. During the explanation, the customers asked about some details and Tengye team patiently answered the questions. For the automatic control of batching, charging and discharging system and charging calculation, Tengye team gave detailed explanations and answers. The Iran team expressed its great approval and was very satisfied. 

The two sides discussed and confirmed and agreed on some project details and reached an agreement. The meeting ended in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere.