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Tengye remains good cooperation with world known 3rd party inspection companies

Tengye always pays special attention to quality control and strictly implement its quality control management process.
Tengye's turnkey project includes the following areas:
1. Manufacturing of complete set of equipment;
2. Rough forming and heat treatment process of important parts or special materials, machining or assembly of large parts, batch of parts or important parts;
3. Integration of hydraulic and lubrication systems;
4. Manufacturing of electrical and transmission systems;
5. Automation control system integration.
Tengye is very strict in the management and control of project nodes, and cooperates with several internationally renowned 3rd party inspection companies such as TUV. TUV Rheinland stands for safety and quality in virtually all areas of business and life. Founded almost 150 years ago, the company is one of the world’s leading testing service providers with more than 20,000 employees and annual revenues of 2 billion euros.
Recently, a team of engineers from Tengye and TUV conducted a week-long inspection of equipment exported by Tengye to Vietnam.
In the severe situation of the international epidemic covid-19, the end user does not need to visit the site for inspection with the help of a reliable 3rd party inspection company.
This is a real guarantee for us to provide the world's most professional project management and quality inspection services.