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Practical Technical Manual for Metallurgical Grade Silicon Production cowritten by General Director Ms Zhang Shuang




In recent days, the general director of Tengye Metallurgical Engineering, Ms. Zhang Shuang has co-written and published Practical Technical Manual for Metallurgical Grade Silicon Production. It introduces the basic properties, use, production standards and status quo as well as development trend of industrial silicon. It also illustrates the rationales, raw materials, related equipment, professional operation, refining process, designs and accessories of metallurgical grade silicon production. It can also be seen in the book that how the energy-saving production of silicon works, which includes dedusting system, the recycle of fume waste heat as well as silica fume (a byproduct). Moreover, the book covers the labor hygiene, safe and clean production, quality inspection, industrial design as well as technical economy of metallurgical grade silicon production. This book perfectly meet the requirements of people working in the silicon production, raw material suppliers, submerged arc furnace maker as well as students in the major of metallurgical.



Ms Zhang Shuang, an excellent graduate from metallurgical engineering of Xian University of Architecture and Technology, has been in charge of the research, design and production of large-scale 100t electric arc furnaces, ladle refining furnaces and large submerged arc furnaces. She was the general leader of the first giant submerged arc furnace and the first production line of hot rolling mill of wide plate EPC project from China to the Middle-East. Besides the working, she was the co-writer of the textbook Introduction to Ferro Alloys as well as Design and Equipment Features of Electric Furnace for Ferro-nickel of PT Growth Sumatra Steel Group on prestigious periodical Ferro Alloys.




Nowadays, China, with the top ability of producing industrial silicon, is self-sufficient and achieves a surplus. It is a giant economy of industrial silicon with an annual export around 1 million. Practical Technical Manual for Metallurgical Grade Silicon Production plays roles not only of a handbook for in-group people but also of a spreader of fresh theories, emerging technics and undated equipment from home and abroad.