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National Center for Materials Service Safety Newly Settled

    National Center for Materials Service Safety (Hereinafter as NCMS) started its establishment in 2008 with the major support of University of Science and Technology Beijing. It has been initially settled in the late 2020 as the forth national science center and the first project in Independent Innovation and Construction of World-class Research Institutes initiated by Zhongguancun. With a research above, University of Science and Technology Beijing was honored as the first college in China who take the task of constructing major scientific infrasturacture and research center. NCMS has taken the investment of 1.5 billion CNY and it is planning to enlarge its researching group to 500 experts and 2000 postgraduates.





The most significant case in NCMS so far is MSAF, which mainly includes 6 testing facilities of mechano-chemistry multi-field coupling environment, atmospheric corrosion environment, special-regional environment, mutiphase flow environment, high temperature and high pressure vapor environment and extreme/multi-factor environment as well as 2 supporting platform of materials damage simulation and opening and sharing platform. The facility simulates the complex environment and load conditions of actual working conditions, and carries out accelerated experimental research on large-scale engineering materials to obtains its service safety models and evaluation methods. The whole pack of facilities is one of the kind which shows its publicity and universality through combination of material experiment & component experiment as well as physical experiment & digital simulation. It has reached the leading level worldwideon the ability of studying failure rule of engineering materials and key science cases. So far, 7 out of 8 of them has passed process acceptance test with high quality and standards. In the process acceptance test and follow-up international evaluations, five of them has honored with Worldwide Leading Class. Regarding the intellectual property, the number of applications for patent has reached 151, 110 of which are for invention (56 of them has been approved).





For its construction and development, NCMS has gathered more than 100 experts from US, Germany, Sweden and Japan, etc. NCMS stands for a 200-person research group led by doctors from home and abroad..





NCMS abides by focus on research while constructing. With supports from all aspects, NCMS has successively carried out tough works such as main shaft of heavy-duty gas turbine, oil extraction equipment, key pars of high-speed railway, wind power tower, testing and evalution of key tubes of nuclear electricity.





TYME invited clients abroad to visit NCMS during the attack of Covid-19, who expressed their high recognition on the research achievements. Design and Research Institute of USTB Co., Ltd which based on NCMS stands for an excellent partners with TYME. The electricity equipments they supplied performed perfectly in EPC projects of TYME. On the principle of complementary advantage and mutual benefit, TYME has created a new situation with USTB Co., Ltd.